Sarria to Fuerreiros on October 16th

We left the alburgue without breakfast.  We wanted to get out of town and down the road.  We made a bank stop and took pictures of the church and castle.  We walked about an hour and a half and stopped at a neat alburgue with bar.  When I was ready to pay I reached for my wallet and realized I left it on the reception desk at the alburgue.  A call left me wondering.  It sounded like the nice man at the alburgue had it but I wasn’t sure.  We found some nice lady who had language skills and she confirmed he had it and would send it on to our alburgue the next day.  Our pack had already been picked up so I had to get back with him as to our destination for the next day.  I don’t keep credit cards or ID in my wallet.  These stay in my neck pouch along with big cash.  We had a short walk of 8 miles to a modern alburgue in a small, small village.  No lunch and we planned an early dinner but washing and drying and conversation over gin and tonics with old Camino Friends and new ones put us at dinner later than we wanted.  It was a great dinner with good food and great conversation.  Bobby from Portland has been walking from southern France.  Harry and Tam were part of our pre-dinner talk.  Two ladies from New York City by way of Poland joined us for dinner.  Nice ladies who just started their Camino in Sarria.  Great weather again and still beautiful countryside.  The only bad thing about walking here is the livestock.  There are dairy houses in every town and the cows are moved from these to pastures.  The cows leave patties in the road and the feed barns stink real bad.  Other than that it was another grand day on the Camino.

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