Triacastela to Sarria on October 15th

Breakfast at the Casa Rural was typical:  toast, caffe con leche, cereal, yogurt, cheese with honey.  We met three Australian ladies at breakfast.  They booked their Camino last year. The tour operator books their places to stay and their luggage is transported to the next hotel, pensione, hostal or alburgue.  They carry a day pack and walk to the next stopping place.  They will get a compostela in Santiago that is the same as the pilgrim who walked barefoot from Hungary.  Just sayin.  It was cold and clear when we started.  If we were at a golf course there would have been a frost delay.  It warmed up quickly and we walked in cool, clear weather.  Not as clear as yesterday but nice.  We stopped for breaks and lunch and got to Sarria at about 4:45 after walking about 11 miles.  Our rooms were reserved but it is always an adventure when the parties on each end of the conversation don’t understand the other.  No problem really meant no problem. Washers and dryers made laundry easy.  Dinner was the four of us again and it was good food, good wine and good conversation.  We are missing some of the pilgrim comraderie of the alburgues but that’s the price you pay for your own bathroom.  Didn’t order the octopus again today.  Right or ten days left to try it.  Another grand day on the Camino.


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