Ferreiros to Gonzar on October 17th

We were in a modern alburgue with internet that was bad.  The heat was turned on and that was good. I wore my jacket out of the room but had it off before we started walking. It was cool and the sky was cloudy. We left without breakfast and walked about two miles before we stopped at another new alburgue bar for coffee and meat pie, tuna pie and a special Santiago cake.  There are a bunch of new places to take care of the increasing number of pilgrims.  We are also at the 100 kilometer mark where many pilgrims begin walking in order to get a compostela.  It will take them and us about a week to get to Santiago.  We stopped in Portomarin for a picnic lunch in a park.  We had gotten out the rain gear an hour before and it almost rained on our lunch.  We learned that we didn’t have to go into the town at all. We could have just turned left and cross the river on a different bridge instead of climbing some steep steps to the town. I took off on my own because I was not having any problems with knees and got to the alburgue an hour before the ladies.  It is another newer place in a tiny town with no internet at all.  Dinner was good.  We were joined by Tony and Gina from Holland and Jim from Chicago.  Tony biked the Camino five years ago and is walking the Camino in stages with Gina.  They travel at our pace so we see them a lot.  Jim is walking his first Camino and is going pretty fast.  He is a nice man who met W in 1980 and wasn’t impressed.  Dinner was early at six, our laundry was done and we went to our room before nine.  We walked about 12 and a half miles and we were tired.  Ag booked our room for tomorrow at a town about 12 miles away.  It was another grand day on the Camino.  BTW my wallet arrived.

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