Hernillos del Camino to Castrojeriz on September 22nd

A nice breakfast in the common kitchen with pilgrims from all over including a couple from Taiwan who are speeding the Camino to get to Santiago so they can catch a flight to Quebec to catch a cruise ship to cruise 14 days to Houston so they can go to Denton, Texas to visit their son at Texas Women’s University.  Yeah.  Wow.  Walked with Doris to Sol Ban where we had breakfast.  Doris liked it so much that she decided to spend the day and spend the night.  The rest of the 12 miles was over the Meseta and it went by quickly.  We were tired by the time we got to Castrojeriz but, happily the Casa Rural we booked was the first we came to.  Laundry done by the innkeeper and we were off to dinner.  A good one with Fifties/Sixties music playing.  Gabriel and Elizabetha from Vinci in Tuscany were at the adjoining table and Ag engaged them in conversation.  He was a Springsteen fan and said he had the album when I told him I was born in Asbury Park.  Good dinner.  Early to sleep.  Another grand day on the Camino.


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