Castrojeriz to Boadilla del Camino on September 23rd

A good night in the Casa Rural.  Breakfast with Denise a teacher from Alaska.  She is going to volunteer on an organic farm in Ireland when she finishes the Camino.  We started walking at about 8:15 and walked a good level stretch and then up 147 meters and down an 18 degree grade.  Happily it was concrete and an easy climb down.  The Meseta is long stretches of flat and a few hills.  We like it because it reminds us of the Hill Country.  It must be a booger in the summer though when it’s hot and you have to carry enough water. Made it to the alburgue about 3:45.  Brand new double ensuite room building.  Nice.  Had dinner with two Frenchmen, 75 and 73, who are childhood friends, doing the Camino from La Puy in France.  They are doing it in weeklong stages over five years.  Melanie from Alabama was with us too.  Walked 11.7 miles today and we are tired.  Another grand day on the Camino.


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