Burgos to Hornillos del Camino on September 21st

We had a treat of the breakfast buffet at the hotel and started walking at 8:30.  The walk out of Burgos was pleasant.  Not very much traffic and it was cool not cold.  We walked through a park and I was looking for that shaded lane and gate that was in The Way.  Kathi of the Houston chapter of the American Pilgrims on the Camino told me to look out for it.  Well, if you walk on the sidewalk you will miss it.  The lane is to they left of the street and I guessed that it had to be just on the left because we
were running out of park.  We found it and took some pics.  Went into the University for a stamp and then continued on.  It was another beautiful day of perfect weather. Not a cloud in the sky.  Met up with Melanie from Alabama and learned that she had worked on Quajaleen atoll.  I applied for a job working for the Army Missile Command on Quajaleen in 2003.  Didn’t get it.  Had dinner with Doris from Arizona.  The Casa Rural had a small kitchen and a full house.  Long dinner but good.  Walked another 11 miles.  Another great day on the Camino.


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