July 5th and 6th

We spent the 5th packing and cleaning. Linda and Bill got us to DFW in 33 minutes so we had a nice lunch in Terminal D. Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt was a nice ride. Slept a little, watched Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool and Strangers on the Train. Four hour layover in Frankfurt.

Arrived 30 minutes late in Budapest which got us to the boat at 3:35.  Checked in and ran to find the tour of Budapest that Bob Ivany was doing for our group. This was the only reason we were on the trip. The University of St. Thomas has been doing an annual President ‘s trip for ten or more years. This year Bob Ivany, the president for 13 years, and Richard Ludwick, the new president, are doing the trip. Bob’s parents are from Hungary, so he has special insights to share. Bob’s wife Marianne backtracked to the boat and found us. It was a great tour. There are 28 in our group mostly made up of friends of the university. There are 3 classmates of ours in the group. Part of the fare is a contribution to the university.

The boat is a long, low riverboat. The storeroom is comfortable and has a veranda.  There was an orientation session and cocktails before dinner. The group dines together. The wait staff are professional and attentive. The food was good. They prepare an always available menu as well as local dishes. Had Hungarian Goulash for the first time. Not bad. Also had local Hungarian wine and Bailey’s with coffee. And a Gin & Tonic after dinner as well as one before dinner. We didn’t fall down getting back to the storeroom but may have swayed a little down the passageway.

Tomorrow is a tour of Budapest by Viking. A nice day even though we were a little lagged and had too much to drink.

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