We packed our backpacks and one suitcase for the river cruise last night. This morning we walked three miles with our backpacks. Oh, doctor! A minor left knee discomfort went away after a half mile. Then a right ankle murmur. Didn’t last long. We still walked at a twenty minute mile pace but it was hard to tote all that weight after not doing it for three years.

We decided to take two suitcases to have room for gifts for Ag’s Italian cousins. Ryan Air will make more money.

Sprayed our backpacks and suitcases with permethrin just in case, as well as our sleepsacks.

I am writing this on my Kindle so as to get the hang of it. We will see how it works.

One thought on “Packing….

  1. Of course I’m not reading this til the wet evening of the 4th so hope this doesn’t ding or something when you are just going to sleep. Doesn’t sound like enuf luggage til I think about carrying it. Ryan air is a new one to me. Enjoy those beds on the cruise. Have a great time.


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