A Rua to San Marcos on October 22nd

We left our hotel without breakfast again and walked about a kilometer to a church.  It was off the way and it contained an altar piece shaped like a scallop shell.  I had seen a picture of it at the hotel.  I knew we were taking a chance because most of the churches we come to on a weekday are locked.  It was locked.  We found our way to the way and stopped at what turned out to be the last place for miles.  Slim pickings.  Caffe con leche and tostada.  The weather was clear and cool.  Had to put the fleece on for the first-ever time.  We walked through forests in the cool shade.  Then past the Santiago airport and then to our hotel.  We scouted dinner at two places.  Had a beer and tapas at one and decided to go to the other for dinner.  I had beef, Linda went for the burger and Helen and Ag ordered the fish.  Out came a huge plate of whole fried trout.  They both liked them fine.  Burger was okay and the beef was pot roast and delicious.  Tomorrow we will walk into Santiago after walking more than 500 miles over 48 days.  We will meet the Australian brothers, Stephen and Brendon in the morning and walk a short 5 kilometers to the cathedral.  The talk among pilgrims is whether you are happy or sad that the walk is over.  I am happy that Ag and I have been able to start and finish this walk and without getting hurt.  I am not sad about ending this journey.  It is time to get back to real life.  We will see how we feel after we are back in Texas.  For now we are both glad it’s over.  Another great day on the Camino.


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