Ambasmestas to O’Cebreiro on October 13th

After we checked into the Casa Rural Helen opened the window on the second floor, looked down and there were the Australian brothers walking by.  Amazing.  More on them later.  We got out early without breakfast and walked through several villages without finding a place open.  The next village had a nice alburgue where we got our caffe con leche and toast.  There we saw Estelle from Santa Fe.  We saw her yesterday in our alburgue as we checked in.  We walked to the next village and as I was ahead scouting places to stop who do I see but the Australian brothers.  Stephen asked if we had had tea and we said no.  He offered to make tea for us.  When the ladies asked if we had time I said this was like the botafumiero.  We had to see it.  We walked through the village to a suitable spot and Steve got out his tea kit of optimus stove, pot, tea, powdered milk and sugar.  He had a metal shield that concentrated the heat and before long he was pouring the water over tea bags.  Amazing!  We had  fine time and   many photos. There was a stop for lunch with squeezed orange juice.  We climbed the rest of the 794 meters to O’Cebreiro and arrived at about 4:30.  A nice room in a renovated church annex. Dinner was the four of us. The food was pretty good.  Ag wanted to be sure we made it up the mountain so she consolidated some things from the packs and ported it to the, hotel by taxi.  She took my day pack and we all had a lighter load and a better walk.  Another grand day on the Camino.

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