Villafranca del Brierzo to Ambasmestas on Columbus Day

Ag scheduled a short walk today.  Only 10 miles.  The forecast was for rain but we only used the ponchos for a little while.  We are staying in a small place that attracted me with it’s food presentation on the website.  We met up with Estelle from Santa Fe after not seeing her since Orisson. She is taking her time just like us. Saw Tam and Harry today.  They are taking their time too.  Helen and Linda took a walk in the afternoon.  Yes, a walk but without packs.  Dinner was just the four of us.  Local dishes and wine.  Very good.  The chicken dish was two thigh-leg portions.  Too much for Ag.  The gravy was delicious.  Ag has convinced the ladies that they shouldn’t carry everything up to O Ciebriero so we are porting some stuff.  Ag will carry my day pack.  The weather cleared this evening so it should be nice tomorrow. Another great day on the Camino.

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