El Acebo to Ponferadda on October 9th

Double rooms mean we don’t have to be out at a certain time but we met for breakfast at 8.  We were late and breakfast was a fiasco.  Only one guy trying to deal with thirty or so people.  A mess.  The cereal with chocolate in it turned it around for me, as well as coffee from a machine that uses small pods.  Helen had talked with one of the Australian brothers who recommended an alburgue and we called and reserved four beds.  The alburgue lady told us to take the road to Ponferada rather than the Camino path because it was about an hour shorter.  Ag and I had  great lunch of bacon and eggs and baked beans in a quaint town on a river.  It was a hard 10 miles with treacherous descents for old guys but we made it to the alburgue about 3:30.  We are in five bed room.  John, a young man from Ireland and Joe are in the top bunks.  A communal dinner was very nice and the conversation continued until late.  I had to much wine and sangria and that is why this post is late.  Stephen and Brendon from Australia are taking their time like we are.  Stephen told us that he carries a small burner so he can make tea every day.  That’s tea and all the fixins.  He told us the tea is worth the weight.  It was another great day on the Camino.

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