Astorga to Santa Catalina de Somouza on October 6th

We had another leisurely breakfast in the hotel and got away at about ten Ag popped a crown so we had to find a dentist.  The hotel directed us to an office just up the street and Ag was taken care of in thirty minutes for 20€.  Toured the cathedral and museum as well as Gsudi’s Bishop’s Palace.  The top floor was a gallery of ancient and modern art by Spanish artists. We had a short walk today of about 6 miles.  Had a break about halfway and got to our alburgue at about 4.  Showered and washed clothes and hung them out.  Had a good dinner with just the four of us.  Clothes not dry and took them to our rooms.  They might dry by morning.  We will be up early for a short walk to Rabanal where we will stay at the alburgue run by the Confraternity of St. James, a U.K. Camino organization.  Another great day on the Camino.


One thought on “Astorga to Santa Catalina de Somouza on October 6th

  1. So sorry Ag. I’m glad it was easy to find a dentist. And here I was worried about the bottom of your body and it’s the top that gave way. Since there’s been no request for shoes, socks or bandaids I’m guessing that end is OK. Good!


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