Hospital de Orbigo to Astorga on October 4th

We were in a four bed room with bunk beds.  Helen and Joe got the top bunks.  We had not seen this before but the room had it’s own bath.  Nice for the ladies who make several visits per night.  Breakfast of caffe con leche and tostadas (toast with butter and marmalade).  We were prepared for rain and walked through a misty rain most of the day.  We must have missed the heavier rain because some of the paths were muddy.  Not good.  We finally got mud on our boots instead of dust.  We walked about ten miles today and in one long stretch we came upon David at an oasis on the Camino.  His little place is after a long walk and he offers all sorts of good things like pineapple, melon, fruit and a place out of the wind or sun or rain.  He told us that he has been doing this for six years.  Nice man doing his Camino his way.  We made it to Astorga and had a fine dinner.  Ag had  hamburgers and fries.  We three had the pilgrims menu and enjoyed the food and wine.  Linda, Helen and Joe walked after dinner and got done chocolate.  We decided to stay an extra day at the hotel to visit the cathedral, Gaudi’s Bishop’s Palace and the Chocolate Museum since rain is forecasted.  Linda and Helen in their room and Ag and Joe in theirs.  Another grand day on the Camino.


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