Leon to Villar de Mazarife on October 2nd

We checked out of our Hostal at 8:30 and had a small breakfast.  Found Helen’s Deutsch Bank and found the bus stop for the bus through Leon to La Virgin del Camino where there is a modern church structure and we think an old altar piece.  Beautiful.  Then we started on our walk.  We are now four pilgrims.  This makes making arrangements for sleeping places a little more complicated.  It only took me a month to get “double room for manana por favor.”  We think we have a place for all four of us.  We shall see.  Dinner was great.  The vegetarian meal was good and the company was good.  Alberto from Burgos by way of London was walking with Hayley from Vancouver.  Both young kids walking the Camino to help them with their future. Ingrid and John from Ireland do the Camino in stages.  This is their third time.

We are in an eight bed room and we all have lower bunks.  It is almost nine so we don’t expect roommates.  It was a good short walk of about 8.5 miles.  Clear and cool.  We should do about the same tomorrow.  We are about 180 miles from Santiago and we can schedule our arrival on October 26th in time for Helen’s birthday and a bus to Finesterre.  Another great day on the Camino.

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