Leon on September 30th

We are definitely tourists.  Slept in again.  Went back to the same place for breakfast as yesterday for the tostada with butter and marmalade and caffe con leche.  Found birthday cards for granddaughter Piper and her father, Devin.  Not an easy thing in Spain.  Found one in a small specialty book shop and only by asking for compleanos carte.  The shop owner finally said oh yes and went to a drawer and pulled out the cards, in Spanish of course.  Mission accomplished.  Then went looking for a tam or Basque hat with ear covers.  The sombrero store wasn’t open and after we went through the farmer’s market in cathedral square we found a flea market .  Found a hat that wasn’t exactly what I wanted but close enough for the low price.  Got more lunch stuff for a meal in our room with the new pilgrims and it was time to meet the train.  It was a little late but Linda and Helen were happy to see us.  Had a fifteen minute walk back to the Hostal and had lunch.  After a trip to the farmacia and the cathedral we went to the Pilgrim Mass and met Doris.  A good dinner where Helen told us the difference between lamb and mutton.  We walked Doris to her alburgue and we started to walk to the Hostal.  We heard some music and followed it to a live folk group performance.  Sat down and had a coffee and enjoyed the drums, bagpipes, maracas, accordions, flutes and voices.  Nice.  It was getting cold and the gas heaters at the cafe weren’t throwing much heat so we called it a night.  Yet another grand day on the Camino.


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