Leon on September 29th

We slept in this morning and kept our Camino Friend Susan waiting.  Bad form.  Pilgrims like to walk early so they can rest in the afternoon.  We had a good Spanish breakfast of croissants, chocolate croissant, tortilla and tostada with caffe con leche.  We caught up and Susan continued her Camino while we went grocery shopping and sightseeing.  Saw Sandra and Bonnie and confirmed the Bonnie’s birthday dinner at 7 at the Four Lions Brewery.  We walked around the cathedral and Ag wondered why they had to build such a gigantic church.  Rick Steve’s guide said fitness because the town of Burgos built a big church and Leon’s had to be bigger.  We will wait for Linda and Helen to take the tour.  The cathedral is being restored and the glass is supposed to be magnificent.  Saw Tim and Char again. We first met them in Fromista and have said hello several times over the last few days. They are doing the Camino like we are but they walk much faster. More nice people on the Camino. It is truly amazing. Not there are so many nice people. It is the fact that the interchanges are so easy and comfortable. Went to Bonnie’s birthday dinner and saw some old Camino Friends and met some new ones.  It was a nice time and another great day on the Camino.


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