To Leon on September 28th

We had a great dinner with James and Lydia last night.  The food was fair but the conversation was great.  I had too much wine and we stayed too long and I didn’t get a place to sleep.  So, we decided to go to LEon and recuperate from a lot of walking and carrying.  We are both tired today.  Saw some Camino Friends, scouted retrain station so we can meet Linda and Helen, went to mass and had a great dinner by ourselves.  Mass was followed by a gathering of the pilgrims,  We were addressed by the senior priest who told us to have a good walk to Santiago.  We sang a hymn and got our credentials stamped.  Nice.  We had dinner in the Italian Restaurant that’s part of our Hostal.  Grilled vegetables, Scorsese salad and ensalada mixtape with a jar of Sangria.  Jar like a pitcher.  Good job we only had to walk across the square.  It was another one of those cool days without a cloud in the sky.  Another grand day on the Camino.


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