San Nicolas del Real Camino to Bercianos del Real Camino on September 27th Half Way To Santiago

We had to be out of the alburgue at eight so we were up early and ready to go after coffee and croissants.  We were walking at sunrise and it was cool.  We had walked almost ten miles yesterday and more than ten today.  We walked through the big town of Sahugun in the morning.  It is the mid-point of the Camino Frances so we are halfway to Santiago.  We crossed an old Roman bridge across a pretty river and started for the next town for lunch.  It was a small one and we stopped in the municipal alburgue for directions to a bar for lunch. Harry from Holland is  volunteer Hospitalero who will spend 17 days in the tiny town with one bar.  He told us where it was and explained the alternative Camino route that we were not taking as the Way of the Ants.  The lorry drivers (16 wheelers) would see a string of pilgrims walking the path alongside the guest and they would seem like ants.  We had the best boccadillos on the Camino at that bar.  Ag had bacon and cheese and I had pork loin with cheese. We then walked the last three miles to our town and Hostal.  Nice place.  Didn’t talk to many pilgrims today.  Novi, an American nurse who started nursing school in Houston in 1963 and who married a Dane and now lives in Denmark spent a few minutes with us.  We had stopped to sit on a bench and she joined us. Hand washed tonite and hung clothes out.  Dinner with Lydia and James.  Great dinner because of the conversation not the food.  When we couldn’t book a room in either of the next two towns we decided to take a Camino break and go to Leon.  Another great day on the Camino.


3 thoughts on “San Nicolas del Real Camino to Bercianos del Real Camino on September 27th Half Way To Santiago

    1. We have been here a day and look forward to seeing more of the city. Mass today was nice because afterwards the senior priest addressed the periginos and led us in a hymn for the Camino. Nice.


  1. Half way Joe! Such an acomplishment. To watch a dream become a reality is a great gift. Grand indeed.
    Thanks for thinking of me over sangria!


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