Villarcazar de la Sigar to Calzadilla de la Cueza on September 25th

We were out fairly early.  Our Hostal bar wasn’t open so we thought we would walk six kilometers to have breakfast.  Happily we saw a bar open on the other end of town and had bacon and eggs.  Oooh it was a good breakfast.  We walked six kilometers without stopping.  Now we were able to do this because we had our packs transported to the next stop.  We did this because it was 17 kilometers to the town after that with nothing in between.  It was a nice long walk.  We were tired but not exhausted.  The Hostal we are in is nice. 

We need to mention a few things that we saw in the last few days that we haven’t reported.

Our niece, Kathy Weeks, went to Boston College.  She sent us a copy of her alumni publication because it had an article describing a pilgrimage course where students walk the Camino.  We met some kids from Franklin Pierce in New Hampshire who were walking the Camino for their semester abroad and present a fifty page paper when back on campus.

We met Carolyn from Massachusetts when she was walking back into the town we were leaving.  She was looking for the municipal alburgue.  We couldn’t help and said goodbye.  I remembered my Camino app and called after her.  I looked up the alburgue and directed her.  Ag asked if she had a phone.  She said that she made a conscious decision to not bring the technology on the Camino and sometimes she is sorry that she did.  We decided she may the only pilgrim under thirty without a smartphone.

Today we met Jeger from Germany.  He was walking towards us.  We stop everyone and ask if they have been to Santiago.  He said that he left Germany and walked to Santiago and now he is walking back.  We asked for a picture and he said gladly for a cup of coffee.  We gave him a Euro and Ag got a picture of him and the little puppy that he said he got in Santiago.  We had dinner with Julie and Marsha from British Columbia.  They met Jeger on the road and only gave him some money because of the puppy.  We have seen them on the road but never connected.  Seems we have many mutual Camino Friends.  They were great company at a fair dinner.  Three of us wished we ordered what Marsha had.  Oh well.  And, by the way, Ag calculated that we have walked 200 miles! Another grand day on the Camino.


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