Boadilla del Camino to Villacazar de Sirga on September 24th

We have walked for three weeks.  Still going strong.  Left our Hostal which is two years old.  It is a modern twenty room hotel in a town that couldn’t have fifty people living there.  Eduardo and his family have run the alburgue there for twenty years.  He and his three brothers, one an engineer and another an architect, designed and built this grand place.  How can this happen in this tiny place.  Eduardo is an innkeeper with style and mucho hospitality.  That’s him with Ag in the photo. A nice man who now has eight employees and is wondering if bigger really is better.  We had a good walk in the cool morning and came upon a canal.  We crossed it at locks that don’t appear to be operational.  The towns we came to are all small.  One had an alburgue with interesting sleeping places like a teepee and a giant wine cask.  A long walk to our Hostal left us tuckered out.  A small lunch, washing up and an ensalada mista for dinner.  We were looking for a washing machine  in the municipal alburgue since our place didn’t provide the service and found Brenda.  She is a volunteer Hospitalero from Calgary who will spend two weeks here tending to pilgrims.  She walked five years ago and is giving back to the Camino.  She took training in Canada and applied to the organization run by the Spanish government.  A real nice lady.  She couldn’t help with washing but let us use the clothesline.  We had dinner with a young woman from Korea who left her job as a science teacher and is doing the Camino.  We have seen her many times along the way and it was good to talk with her.  In further confirmation of my pilgrim status we will have our packs transported the 23 kilometers to our next stop.  After the town that is 6 kilometers away there are no services for the next 17.  Stay tuned.  Another great day on the Camino.


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