Atapuerca to Borgos on Sunday, September 20th

I have officially lost the designation of “true pilgrim.”  I know.  It’s sad but a road busy with cars, crossing a four lane highway, walking through an industrial area and not having a real rest day since we started were all reasons to share a taxi with Bonnie and Sandra to Burgos.  When we called the taxi it turned out that the four of us were booked at the Hotel Centro.  What are the odds.  We relied on Rick Steve’s and they went through  Amazing.  We had coffee and croissants, went to mass in the cathedral, chocolate and churros and then a tour of the city on the Chu Chu.  Ag and I had some lunch and toured the magnificent cathedral.  Dinner and we start out early tomorrow. The picture is of Santiago Matamoros, Saint James Moorslayer.


3 thoughts on “Atapuerca to Borgos on Sunday, September 20th

  1. Joe, I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying your trip. You have a way with words! I can hardly wait until the next day to get to my computer to see how you and Ag are doing. Sounds like a terrific time. Love to you.


  2. That’s a shame; I’m sure the pictures of that highway would have been spectacular.
    Great decision. Guess which experience you’ll remember more – touring that awesome town, instead of walking through an industrial area.
    Maybe you should stay another day for extra recovery time!


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