From Villafranca Montes de Oca to Atapuerca on September 19th

We walked out of our Hostal with Peter from Cologne.  He is retired and is on a two month holiday.  This is his third or fourth Camino, I don’t remember which.  To recuperate he will go on a two month holiday in Turkey or Egypt.  Nice.  He is 70 and he said goodbye before we could find out what he retired from. We are slow. It was six miles to the next town and it was a pleasant walk.  We keep running into pilgrims we have been seeing for about a week or so.  We are in the same wave as we walk across Spain. 
Stopped at a monastery that is being restored for lunch.  Sandwiches and Aquarius which is European Gatorade.  On to Ages and our stop at Atapuerca.  It was about 11.5 miles today in perfect weather.  42 to start and in the sixties.  Not a cloud in the sky.
The walk was mainly through forest of oak and pine.  Reminds me of forests in Texas.  We had dinner with Doris from Arizona and two sisters, Bonnie from Virginia and Sandra from North Carolina. What a great time. First, the conversation and company was wonderful. Second, the food was great. Barbeque! Burnt meat! Chicken, ribs, chorizo and what I thought was a pig’s ear. The ladies wouldn’t let me ask to see if I was right. The sisters told us that their 91 year old father had just received the French Legion of Honor at a ceremony at the French Embassy in D.C. He had been part of the invasion. I asked if he had ever been back. Bonnie said that she had accompanied him to Normandy a few years ago. She said it was quite an experience. Makes me want to make it part of our trip after the Camino. Another great day on the Camino.

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