Castildelgado to Villafranca Montes de Oca on September 18th

For the very first time we were up at 6, breakfast at 7 and walking at 7:28 which was just before sunrise.  It was 42 this morning but no wind like yesterday; I had to tie my hat on with my scarf.  We walked alone for a good while.  We were both pretty quiet today, all day.  No deep thoughts just concentrating on walking.  We came upon Peter from Massachusetts and had a long walk with him.  This is his second Camino.  He walked two years ago with his son and told us it was life changing for both of them.  There are questions I don’t ask and he didn’t volunteer more.  This Camino is with his son-in-law and four friends from his church.  The church story was fascinating.  He joined an ecumenical group headed by two faith healing women about thirty years ago.  It has changed over time to a Christian group with a liturgy similar to the pre-schism mass.  Nice man who gets a lot out of the Camino.  He is definitely not a Camino tourist.  We ran into a group of four couples who have booked the Camino.  One couple is from Sugarland and whose pastor is Father Drew Wood.  We told them we went to college with Drew and that Ag’s sister went out with him.  They made special note of that to bring up when they returned.  Anyway, we were talking to one of the other wives who was wearing wedge sandals and jewelry.  You see they have their luggage transported to their next stop and only carry a light day pack on the walk.  We told them that Helen was joining us in Leon and that she us asking us many questions before we left for Spain.  I couldn’t keep from digging a bit when in response to Helen asking if we were taking a hair dryer we told Helen were weren’t taking deodorant.
We ran into Doris from Arizona today and had a short chat.  As Doris left


Susan from Alexandria stopped to say hi.  We had stopped at a picnic area to have lunch.  We got to our sleeping place and found we had scored another truck stop.  It is not too bad and the innkeeper has treated us very well.
13 miles today and a little less tomorrow.  The weather should be clear and comfortable for a week.  It will be about 39 in the morning and warm up to the low seventies. 
Another grand day on the Camino.

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