Ciruena to Castildelgado on September 17th

Well, we have been walking for two weeks and we’re still having a grand time.  We are staying at a place called Hotel Chocolatera which has nothing to do with chocolate but is a truck stop.  Disappointed about the chocolate but the shower was good.  The best part is that our first Camino Friend, Susan from Alexandria is staying here.  We had dinner early and will get an early start.

We calculated that we have to walk 11 miles a day to get to Leon on the 30th to meet Linda and Helen who arrive that day from Madrid.  We walk 13 miles tomorrow with stops in each of the four towns in between here and where we sleep in Villafranca.  This morning we had breakfast with James and Lydia from Seattle/Chicago who are on a one year sabbatical from being caught in a RIF and quiting the live music promotion business.  They are traveling this part of the world and the Camino is a pleasant kind of travel for them.  They sold their stuff, rented their house out and hit the road.  Wow!

We walked with Melanie from Alabama and Donnecher from Ireland today.  The conversation made the first 4 miles just fly by.  We left Melanie in Santo Domingo DLC so she could retrieve her walking sticks.  She is an ER nurse and a real nice young woman.  Another great day on the Camino.


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