Viana Through Logrono to Navarete on September 14th

We had a toast and coffee breakfast in the flat after we lollygagged as long as we could.  Today was a good walk. There were some climbs and steep descents going into the city of Logrono.  We stopped in the city for lunch and had the best sandwich of the trip.  We shared a table with McKennah, a young woman from Alberta. We used our Camino app to get her a place at our alburgue.  When we left the bar we ran into Sheila and Ingrid from Ireland.  We met them the day before.  They were out of time and were going home to San Francisco.  They told us that they had walked with a 76 year old from Arizona and that we should walk with her.  We couldn’t catch up but would the next day.  The walk through the city was interesting.  Pamplona is big but we only saw nice parts of it.  Logrono was more of a city but soon after we left the traffic a park began and seemed never to end.  We encountered a huge group of school children in a field trip and some of the tweens gave us high fives and a round of applause.  We walked through Navarete to get to the alburgue.  Esperanza was the innkeeper and was very gracious and hospitable.  She prepared a pasta salad with tomatoes from her father’s garden.  Real tomatoes.  Another great day.


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