Navarete to Najera on September 15th

Got out of Navarete pretty early after another toast and coffee breakfast.  It was interrupted by a request of an older woman pilgrim who asked to be taken for medical help after a fall.  The innkeeper drove her to the facility and was back before we left.  It was a good thing because she wanted our picture for her alburgue’s Facebook page.  We started out and soon met up with Doris from Arizona.  She is an interesting woman who has had an interesting life.  We walked the whole day with her and the miles just went by.  We talked politics and she was disappointed that the President didn’t do more.  She liked our pace.  A slow one but just right for a 76 year old woman backpacker and two soft 68 year olds.  At one of our stops we had coffee with Heather from Tasmania,  72 year old who we had met before.  Doris asked if they had devils in Tasmania and Heather said yes and they are missing one.

Doris had told us about a woman from France who had a burro carrying her gear.  We were soon passed by the woman and her burro.  Poquito seemed like a lot of trouble to me but then she had no pack to carry.  We had more great weather and an easy walk.  We walked into Najere and surprise, another fiesta.  During our light meal at the corner bar we were treated to a brass band music after they had a beer following their march through town.  We were told that there would be fireworks and we expected them at 9 but not at 11.  The reports were so loud that we thought they were using the hotel roof for the fireworks platform.  We were tired and in bed and didn’t even go to the window to look out. Another great day.


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