Najera to Ciruena on September 16th

We lollygagged in the hotel this morning but still got out of town pretty early.  It was a cool morning that was partly cloudy.  We saw a rainbow in the direction we were headed which meant we might retrain.  We did but just a little.  We didn’t have breakfast thinking we would walk the three miles to the next town and have breakfast.  Big mistake.  Ag and I didn’t do well.  The coffee, chocolate croissant and a banana helped a lot.  We walked the whole day by ourselves and talked about stuff we never would talk about at home.  It was only a nine mile walk and we stopped at a golf course cafe and had a beer with our patella with chicken.  Marvelous.  Yes, a golf course.  If I hadn’t have just walked nine miles I would have played nine.  For some reason I am going to investigate, someone decided to create a resort with many, many condos in this tiny town.  It looks like what happened in the U.S. when money got tight.

We had a meal in the alburgue of the sister of the owner of our pensione.  After the paella we didn’t want a big pilgrims meal and they accommodated us with a insulators mists.  Perfect.  Finally met some pilgrims from New Zealand, Collum and Vaneesa.  Melanie from Alabama told us that she is also going slow so we will probably see her in the morning.  Yet another great day.


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