Estella to Los Arcos on September 12th

We had the normal breakfast of bread, jam and coffee con leche and started out with ponchos on.  Didn’t rain much at all.  Came to Ingrache where there is a wine fountain.  We sipped some wine from the shells we received from the American Pilgrims on the Camino at the gathering in Menlo Park last March.  Had a good walk in the cool weather.  Got to Los Arcos late, about four o’clock.  Our alburgue was Casa de Abuela. We had called ahead and a good thing because there was a fiesta, the reason for which I could not determine, so there were few beds open.  I was the only male in the room with Ag, a German woman traveling alone and Beth and the two Sues.  The three were from Jacksonville, Florida.  Susan has a PhD in Internet Medicine.  Commander Sue retired from the Navy after 24 years.  Beth, Sue and Susan are/were Swim Moms.  The fiesta was long and loud.  The snoring was amazing.  The next morning I said that between the fiesta outside and the snoring inside I didn’t get much sleep.  No one in that roomed snored or knew they did.  We ran into Beth later and she said that she has not had a good night’s sleep in a week.  We knew why.  Of course, Ag was out light a light and wasn’t bothered a bit.




One thought on “Estella to Los Arcos on September 12th

  1. Just got on the blog. Amazing! You two are having a great time. Thanks for sharing everything you do. It eases my mind knowing where you are and what you are doing. Can’t wait to read some more. I made my reservations for Christmas. Am going to Houston to see John and Rose and onto Fort Worth. Laura helped me make the reservations. Lots of love.


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