To El Perdon On September 9th

Cizur Menur is a suburb of Pamplona.  We stopped here at the Alburgue  .  It is a nice place with no frills.  The grounds are very nice.  We had two low beds close to the WC.  We were with Susan from Alexandria.  Linda and Duford also stopped here.  Had a Insulata Misto at a small bar instead of a pilgrims meal.  We are eating way too much.  Each pilgrim meal has soup, salad, meat or pasta, dessert, wine and bread.  The walk through Pamplona was pleasant.   A nice place with parks and history and once a year they let bulls run loose in the old town.

The walk up to El Perdon was a gentle climb. The windmills are huge and have a constant surf noise.  At the top is metal sculpture of pilgrims.  Nice.  The Way down was hard going. Pretty steep and treacherous footing.  The views are incredible.   We made it to Uterga and were taken by Mercedes-Benz van they don’t sell in the US to a separate house a few blocks away. We walked back to the alburgue for another pilgrim meal that was huge and very good. 


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