On to Orisson on September 3rd


I am posting this on September 7th because I am using my phone to post and sometimes lose things it takes an hour to type. 

Ag celebrated her birthday on September 3rd by climbing up to Orisson.  She had a great birthday!  Had a breakfast of croissants and French bread, fruit, coffee and juice.  Climbed a steep hill in the town to buy lunch and started up the mountain at 8:30.  We made it to the Refuge Orisson at Noon.  Hard climb but beautiful views.  Had lunch, took a nap, showered, washed clothes and had dinner with about forty Camino friends.  Many front the U.S., Canada, Germany, France.  Another Pilgrim meal of soup, roasted chicken, peas and potatoes, Basque cake and wine.  Now I am going to sleep to get ready for a hard day tomorrow.  Ag and I had looked forward to today’s climb with trepidation.  We had to climb 700 meters over 8 kilometers.  At about 6 kilometers Ag said it was hard but not as hard as she thought it would be.  We climb another 600 Kilometers tomorrow and then down over 17 Kilometers, about 11 miles.  We will do fine.

2 thoughts on “On to Orisson on September 3rd

  1. How is the weather? Is it very hot? My daughter is Janice Crawford’s daughter in law, married to Rick. We are doing this hike, but not as far, next summer. Looking forward to your comments.


    1. Hello Ann The weather has been very good to us. It has been cool to chilly to warm. The summer will be hot except in the mountains. They will be in the mountains only for a day at the beginning and a few days at the end. Yes, the summer will be hot and crowded. We are having an grand adventure. Nothing like anything we have ever done. If you are planning to be pilgrims and carry your belongings then start carrying that pack now. You cannot believe the strength it takes to walk up and down severe inclines withdrawn twenty to thirty pounds on your back. Start training now and your experience will be a good one from the beginning. We are having knee problems but we are taking it slow and getting stronger every day.


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