St. Jean Pied de Port on September 2nd


What a wonderful night, day and night!  The flight to Toronto was great.  The flight to Barcelona was just okay.  Taxi to the train station, train to Pamplona and shared a taxi with the couple from St. Paul to St Jean Pied de Port.  Checked into the hotel.  Got to the Pilgrim Office just before it closed for dinner.  Got our credentials and scallop shells for the St. Paul couple.  Dinner from the Pilgrims Menu.  Chicken and frites.  A leg and a thigh on each plate so Ag got what she wanted – two legs.  Wine and Basque cake.  We leave early tomorrow for our six mile walk up the mountain.  Wish us BUEN CAMINO!

5 thoughts on “St. Jean Pied de Port on September 2nd

  1. Your next entry, up and down the mountain, did not work. Please post again. My daughter is Janet crawford’s daughter in law and we are doing some of this next year


    1. I wish we were vicarious pilgrims. The real thing is a test. The walking will be fun when we get over the mountain. It’s after that is tedious and it’s only been one day. Showers that last five minutes because of the timer. Water was fairly hot. But we have to wash clothes and hope they are dry by morning. It’s like camp. We are having a grand time though. We have great pictures to post.


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